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Bathroom renovation in the Northern Beaches, Sydney

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Not everyone is an artist, but the bathroom gives you the platform to truly create. While we might not spend much time in the bathroom it’s always truly me time when you’re there, and the best place to introspect. So, your bathroom should always be in the best state it can be.

A bathroom renovation can either be a small-scale or comprehensive change in your bathroom. When considering undertaking a bathroom renovation you often consider changing the structure, accessories, floor and wall tile and ventilation. Bathroom renovations are not just about making the area look nice, but making sure that the area is functional, safe and healthy.

Energise the powder room with a vivacious bathroom renovation in the Northern Beaches, Sydney. AAZ Tiling has stood high in the field of bathroom renovation for the past 40 years due to our inclusive and professional approach. We are the best partners for the job; we always look to make a real difference.

Renovation vs. remodelling


In a bathroom remodelling, the entire bathroom goes through a change, including the location and materials for the shower area, bathtub, wall tiles, floor, installing new accessories and fixtures. It’s a complete makeover. On the other hand, a renovation does not have to involve structural changes. A bathroom re-facing is accomplished by transforming the overall feel of the bathroom by adding a few extra elements to give it a different look on the surface.

Bathroom remodelling is a little heavier side in case of budget whereas renovation, re-facing or refurbishment is lighter.

We at AAZ Tiling bathroom renovation Northern Beaches, Sydney are well versed with all the professional designs in a bathroom makeover. We give a unique and exceptional approach for every kind of change. While a comprehensive approach is footed behind remodelling, renovation inspires a creative and innovative approach to beautify and change the look of the existing bathroom in a way that isn’t as alarming in cost.

We strictly abide by schedules of bathroom renovation at Northern Beaches, Sydney. The renovation takes a longer period due to waterproofing, restructuring, changing wall and floor tiling, installing accessories, etc. The bathroom remodelling can be done in a few days from 3 to 5.

Overall appearance
Every bathroom is unique and specially designed in AAZ Tiling Northern Beaches as we involve the interests of the customer and pair them with the creative minds of our professional designers. Therefore, the bathroom is recreated with proper attention to aesthetics and mood. The bathroom renovation is can encompass the complete transform of the bathroom or just focus on a few elements to bring in that ‘wow’ factor to your existing bathroom.

The services in renovation and remodelling differ to its basic differences in jobs, but they also change depending on the scale of the bathroom and the type of finish that the client desires. We list some of our services below.

Our services
• Bathroom renovation
• Wall and floor tiling
• Tile supply and installation
• Ceramic, porcelain, mosaic, and stone tiles
• Tile removal
• Tile repair
• Waterproofing
• Painting

Our exclusive bathroom renovation services in Northern Beaches Sydney:

AAZ Tiling’s luxurious tiling at discounted rates allows crafting a fashionable bathroom. Our wide range of tilling includes mosaic, porcelain, ceramic, subway, and natural stone, feature tile, etc. Natural tile stones are sealed for a slip resistant bathroom and reduce porosity, making it long-lasting.

Repair and restore
Our skilled staff transforms your old bathroom into a new sensation by removing old tile and installing new trending tiles available at AAZ Tiling Northern Beaches, Sydney. Our finest waterproofing services avoid any damages to your walls and home.

Make your bathroom a style statement with our vibrant painting options. We clean and waterproof the area to be painted for preeminent results. Add instant glam by using our copper paints or bright shades of teal for your walls and make tiles or accents pop.

We understand your bathroom needs and are the best in place to provide you with an end to end solution. Our services for bathroom renovations in Northern Beaches, Sydney are the most preferred and reliable services for your bathroom.

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