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Bathroom Renovations in Lane Cove

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We turn your imagination into reality

Imagine a bathroom with large format tiles of white honed travertine, glittering floors, and countertops of brilliant white quartz with large mirrors. You will feel like an artist as the bathroom will provide you with a stunning platform to perform your makeup or other hygiene needs in the day. AAZ Tiling, crafts smart bathrooms that allow you to dream. We are industry leaders in bathroom renovations in Lane Cove for more than four decades.

A bathroom is a place with heavy traffic in the home and therefore prone to wear and tear. Over time it needs to be revived with new fixtures, tiles or fittings so that it can look lovely again. We at AAZ Tiling consider bathroom renovation under different heads, these are: remodelling, restructuring, refurbishment, and re-facing. We give apt service according to the requirements of our customers.

Bathrooms were important from even ancient times; Egyptian queens had personal bathing pools in their bathrooms, with aromatic oils within hot bath facilities. Luxurious bathrooms have been the result of where human dreams and reality often meet. 

AAZ Tiling will help you accommodate these feelings of a truly luxurious bathroom in your budget.

  1. Tight into spacious

Spaciousness is a luxury, but to allot more area to other rooms bathrooms often get less space compared with other rooms in the home. It is a challenge for us to create a spacious look with this limit. We make smart use of wall-mounted toilets, sleek cabinets, and colour combinations that make the area appear more spacious. Today nanotechnology has developed convertible furniture and fixtures that can make a great choice for luxury bathroom renovation services in Lane Cove. 

  1. Fixtures and material

The use of a branded fixture brings luxury to your bathroom with its shine and unique shapes. The fancy showers and taps look like pieces of art. We at AAZ Tiling use only licensed and local authority approved material that ensures the best finish. The use of natural material brings an earthy look to your bathroom walls and floors. If you’re renovating, we use quality natural materials to create quality work and luxury that never goes out of style and stays with you forever.

  1. Detailing

The detailing brings renewed life to your bathroom. Every bathroom has a shower, washbasin, and bathtub, but a simple abstract painting, shiny copper colour behind your large mirror or decorative cabinet can highlight the space. Detailing does not mean overdoing, but elegance that elevates the space.  

  1. Aureate Light

Plain white lights can make your modern and expensive bathroom look dull and ordinary. On the contrary, warm ambient dim light or soft spotlights can lift your mood. Even just allowing in plenty of sunlight allows for a luxurious experience. Combine a garden faced bathtub with a glass of wine on a bamboo bath tray for a priceless experience akin to soaking in a natural spring. We make use of wide glass windows with a proper covering of sheer curtains and/or blinds.

  1. Texture for intimacy

Textures make a big impact, both visually and physically. We make use of colours and wall tiles for creating visual textures on the wall. The natural stone floor tiles such as sandstone, marble, limestone accentuate the earthy feel and texture in your bathroom. We seal the natural stone floor tiles to make it slip-resistant.

We believe luxury cannot be just be achieved in the bathroom simply by throwing money at it. You need the right ideas to make the bathroom a graceful space.

We provide a wide range of services including bathroom renovation, remodelling, and refurbishment in Lane Cove within your budget with the best quality products. Just assign your bathroom renovation to us and relax and get ready to be surprised with the best luxury and functional bathroom. Gleaming granite countertops, stunning framed mirrors, a Jacuzzi tub, walk-in shower room with an over-sized shower, fluffy soft towels neatly arranged, and natural stone tiles that give your feet acupressure will provide a new comfort to the start of the rest of your life, each day.

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